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Operator Skins MW3 Season 3

The arrival of Season 3 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 marks an exciting time for players with the introduction of a fresh Battle Pass. This upgrade not only augments the game with new content but also includes a suite of new Operator skins, each boasting their own unique aesthetic. These skins and their BlackCell variants offer players additional ways to customize their gaming experience, ensuring that every combat scenario can be approached with a personalized touch.

As the gaming community anticipates the release of these skins, enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to visually enhance their Operators with the latest gear. The BlackCell variants, in particular, add a specialized flair that is expected to resonate well with the audience, highlighting the game's ongoing expansion and the developers‘ commitment to evolving the player experience.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Battle Pass and BlackCell Enhancement Overview

Contents of the BlackCell Enhancement

  • Season 3 Battle Pass with special BlackCell access
  • Accumulation of 1,400 in-game COD points
  • Eleven unique BlackCell Operator skins with reactive designs
  • High-tech assortment of six tracer weapon blueprints
  • Introduction of two novel weapon blueprints
  • Exclusive „Stasis“ skin under the BlackCell name
  • Distinctive „All that Glitters BlackCell“ moving blueprint for the BAS-B Battle Rifle
  • „Double Barrel Disrespect“ as a new signature Finishing Move
  • An inclusive package of the Battle Pass with a bonus of 20 immediate tier advancements, and an extra five for PlayStation users

BlackCell Enhancement Pricing

The expected price tag for the BlackCell upgrade stands at $29.99, aligning with past season pricing strategies.

BlackCell Exclusive ‚Stasis‘ Cosmetic

SpecGru Elite Operator „Snoop Dogg II“ (Instant Battle Pass Reward)

Notorious Operative „Makarov – Dominus“ (Instant Battle Pass Reward)

The „Akuma“ Set (Battle-ready Engaging Operator, Swagger, Sector 2)

The „Corsair“ Set (Determined Operator, Ripper, Sector 5)

The „Cardinal“ Set (Tactical Operator, Doc, Sector 7)

The „Scalpel“ Set (Precision Operator, Riptide, Sector 10)

The „Banshee“ Set (Stealth Operator, Banshee, Sector 13)

The „Cask“ Set (Enduring Operator, Corso, Sector 16)

The „Saboteur“ Set (Undercover Operator, Byline, Sector 18)

„Fenrir“ Costume Sets for Makarov

Silent „Hush“ Outfits for the New Hush Character

Possessing the Battle Pass and the BlackCell enhancement bestows a variety of eye-catching skins, augmenting the gaming experience within Modern Warfare 3 with discernable customization options.

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