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Natus Vincere Win PGL Major Copenhagen

Natus Vincere has once again proven their dominance in the competitive scene of Counter-Strike 2 with a triumphant win at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. Defeating FaZe Clan with a decisive 2-1 scoreline, the team solidified their reputation on March 31, 2024, at the renowned Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Earning their prestigious second Major title since their landmark victory in Stockholm back in 2021, NAVI not only secured the champion's title but also walked away with a substantial reward of $500,000 and 3,500 BLAST Premier Points, cementing their top-tier status in the global rankings.

Natus Vincere Secures 2-1 Victory Over FaZe Clan

Final Rankings and Earnings at PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

After a series of intense matches, Natus Vincere emerged victorious at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 against their final contenders, FaZe Clan. Starting their campaign with definitive wins against Eternal Fire and G2 Esports, NAVI showcased a robust performance to reach the finale. On the other side, FaZe Clan proved their mettle by overcoming Team Spirit and Team Vitality to set the stage for a thrilling final showdown.

The opening map, Ancient, was a tightly contested affair initially, with the score tied at 3-3. Nonetheless, NAVI managed to break the deadlock and finish the map on top with a 13-9 score. The subsequent battle on Mirage witnessed FaZe Clan's resurgence, where they dominated NAVI with a resounding 13-2 victory, thereby equalizing the match standing. However, NAVI reclaimed their momentum on the final map, Inferno, seizing an early advantage and overrunning FaZe with a decisive 13-3 game to clinch the championship.

Below is the final leaderboard that showcases the teams‘ placements, prize winnings, and points accrued for the BLAST Premier series:

Placement Team Prize Money BLAST Premier Points
Champion Natus Vincere US$500,000 3,500
2nd FaZe Clan US$170,000 2,750
3rd-4th Team Vitality, G2 Esports US$80,000 1,775
5th-8th Cloud9, Team Spirit, Eternal Fire, MOUZ US$45,000 1,050
9th-11th Complexity Gaming,, paiN Gaming US$20,000 0
12th-14th Imperial Esports, ECSTATIC, HEROIC US$20,000 0
15th-16th The MongolZ, FURIA Esports US$20,000 0
17th-19th SAW, Legacy, GamerLegion US$10,000 0
20th-22nd Lynn Vision Gaming, ENCE, Apeks US$10,000 0
23rd-24th AMKAL ESPORTS, Movistar KOI US$10,000 0

The conclusion of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 marks an important milestone in competitive Counter-Strike 2, setting new standards in gameplay and competition. Natus Vincere's triumph further cements their reputation as a formidable force in the esports landscape, while the successful run of FaZe Clan to the final indicates a promising future for the team.

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