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Helldivers 2 Update

In a significant effort to enhance the tactical depth and player experience, Helldivers 2 has rolled out a substantial update which includes a range of adjustments to the game's missions and weaponry, as well as the introduction of fresh environmental challenges. This action of rebalancing and the addition of new features is indicative of the developers‘ commitment to maintain the game's engaging environment. By addressing both the competitive mechanics and immersive elements of the game, these changes aim to improve the strategic approaches players can utilize in this ever-evolving warzone.

The update doesn't just stop at balancing; it also elevates the game to new heights with the implementation of an increased level cap and the refining of existing systems. This ensures that both new and veteran players have more milestones to achieve and smoother gameplay to enjoy. While the game's dynamic world continuously shapes the landscape of conflict with each faction's actions, this latest update demonstrates an unyielding commitment to growing and adapting the game in response to community feedback and gameplay analytics. The player community remains keenly focused on the strategic aspects of the game's world, looking forward to future enhancements that will further clarify their impact on the galactic battlefield.

Update Details for Helldivers Version 1.000.200

New Gameplay Elements

This update introduces additional environmental challenges, including blizzards and sandstorms, which add complexity to the battlefield. Another significant change is the increase in level cap, now allowing players to reach up to level 150.

Mission and Weapon Adjustments


The latest adjustments to missions include repositioning adversary spawn locations in the Retrieve Essential Personnel mission, requiring fewer civilians for completion at higher difficulties, and introducing more objectives in the Destroy Command Bunkers mission, now accessible from difficulty level 5.

Operation Modifiers

The negative impact of operation modifiers affecting stratagem cooldowns has been halved.


Updates to weaponry cover a wide range, from charging and range modifications to ammo restoration and damage output increases for various weapons, such as:

  • Arc Thrower: Now consistently takes 1s to charge and has a reduced range but increased stagger force.
  • Guard Dog: Full ammo restoration from supply boxes.
  • Anti-Materiel Rifle: 30% damage increase.
  • Breaker Incendiary: Bullet and fire damage increment.
  • Liberator Penetrator: Addition of full auto mode.
  • Dominator: Damage and stagger boost.
  • Slugger: Adjustments in damage output, stagger, and demolition force.
  • Recoilless Rifle and Spear: Increase in resupply count from supply boxes.
  • Heavy Machine Gun: Fire rate modification.


The Patriot Exosuit rockets only penetrate armor on direct hits now.


Chargers, Bile Spewers, Nursing Spewers, and Shriekers have undergone adjustments in their attack damage and capabilities.

Helldiver Loadout Adjustments

The recent update enhances the damage protection offered by heavy and medium armors. Players can anticipate taking approximately 10% less damage while donning heavy armor and about 5% less with medium armor.

Corrective Measures

A slew of fixes has been implemented to enhance player experience:

  • PS5 save settings now retain post-reboot.
  • Enhanced enemy interaction with Exosuits.
  • Resolved multiple damage receptions from explosions.
  • Functionality restoration to Automaton enemy constellations.
  • Improved hellpod steering near critical objects.
  • Resolved floating assets after ground damage.
  • Ballistic Shield modifications.

Additionally, a tutorial issue regarding an obstructed doorway has been addressed.

Ongoing and New Issues

Current known issues stemming from the latest update or previous that await remediation include:

  • Potential game crash involving snowball pick-up or grenade throwing.
  • Several challenges with cross-platform friend invites and unfriending mechanisms.
  • Inaccuracies in explosive weapon stats.
  • Error in planet liberation rate calculation.
  • Helldiver impairment when submerged with a Vitality Booster.

Game Information

Helldivers 2 is a cooperative shooter by Arrowhead Games Studios, released for PC and PlayStation 5 on February 8, 2024. The game involves operating as a Helldiver tasked with safeguarding Super Earth through strategic missions, combating alien threats, and deploying Stratagems in this demanding installment. It supports online co-op gameplay and offers crossplay between two platforms, PC and PS5, for an inclusive multiplayer experience.

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