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Fans of League of Legends are in for the best time of the year. From the end of September, the world’s most watched Esports event, the LoL World Championship, will begin. The favorites and various small challengers will travel to Shanghai for the tenth anniversary of the biggest LoL tournament to choose the new World Champion. From a European point of view the vice world champion G2 Esports is again the big hope of the event, but also Fnatic, Rogue and MAD Lions can prove themselves in the tournament.

With the newly crowned LPL champion Top Esports and JD Gaming, the region China is the top two favorites in 2020, but South Korea also has a possible candidate for the title in Damwon Gaming, which will be ranked as the second strongest team in the Worlds 2020. Will China remain at the top of the world in 2020, or will Europe grab the longed-for World title in LoL-sport?

The history of the LoL Worlds

After the amazing victory of the Taipei Assassins in the second world, T1 celebrated its first world championship title in 2013, bringing the trophy to South Korea. This marked the beginning of South Korea’s domination of the international arena and the LCK teams won four more titles. It was not until 2018 that South Korea’s dominance ended and Europe and China emerged. In the past two years, the LPL and the LEC always met in the final of the Worlds, with the Chinese representative winning both duels.

In the 2018 final, Invictus Gaming defeated first season World Champion Fnatic 3-0, and one year later the reigning MSI champion G2 Esports was unable to win against “Doinb” and his fellow Fun Plus Phoenix players. So China goes into the Worlds 2020 as a two-time defending champion and is the clear favorite in terms of odds for a tip on the world champion.

Mode of the LoL Worlds 2020

In 2020, the crisis pushed the sport to its limits and MSI was cancelled. Nearly all leagues played the matches in online mode. For Worlds 2020, RIOT Games selected Shanghai as the sole venue to ensure the safety of players and participants. As in previous years, the Worlds will be held with a playin phase and the main event.

A total of 22 participants from 11 regions will compete in the Worlds 2020. In advance, the best 12 teams will qualify for the main event, the remaining 10 participants will compete in the play-ins for the four remaining starting places in the group phase.

Format of the play-ins

In the Playins the participants are divided into two groups of five, in a single round in Bo1 mode each group is played. The winners qualify for the main event, the last places are eliminated from the tournament.

Afterwards, the third and fourth places from the same groups compete against each other in a Bo5 match for the tournament whereabouts. The winners and runners-up from the other group will then compete for the last two places in the main event.

Main Event Mode

For the main event, RIOT Games is keeping the usual mode. Divided into four groups of four, a double round is played in Bo1 mode, with the two best teams in each group reaching the quarter finals.

At the start of the playoffs, the game mode changes to Bo5 and the group winners are drawn a runner-up from another group as quarter-final opponents. The semi-finals and the final follow. A further limitation in the draw is that teams from the same group can only meet again in the final at the earliest.

Teams & Regions of the LoL Worlds 2020

For the first time, the two strongest regions of recent years, China and Europe, will receive a fourth place at the Worlds 2020. Furthermore, the Vietnamese teams cannot participate in the event due to the crisis, so instead of 24 teams only 22 participants will compete. For this reason the playin was adjusted and South Korea’s third team will start directly in the group phase.

Which region is ahead in the LoL Worlds 2020?

There are two aspects to consider when betting on a region. Which region has the strongest teams overall and which region has the strongest team in the Worlds. In 2020 this choice is not difficult, because the LPL not only has four strong teams in the title race, but also has the two top favorites in the Worlds 2020.

Although the LEC also has four representatives, only G2 Esports and, to a lesser extent, Fnatic are likely to win the World title. From the LCK, only Damwon Gaming is on the list of candidates for the title, DRX and Gen.G should not be overestimated.

To choose other regions as one of the top three favorites would not be a reasonable tip, even with extremely high odds at the Worlds 2020, as the LCS has never been able to perform at the Worlds, as well as the smaller regions.

Therefore, Worlds 2020 bets on another title win for China are a good idea.

LoL Worlds 2020 Tips & Conclusion

Only a few more weeks, then the Worlds 2020 in Shanghai will start with the Playin-Stage. The group draw took place on Tuesday, 15.09.2020. The top favorite at the Worlds 2020 is the LPL as a region and bets on China are appealing even at low odds. Those who like to make outsider tips recommend betting on Europe or South Korea, if at all, with the EU probably being the better option.

In terms of individual teams, Top Esports is rightly ahead. In 2020, the team impressed both internationally at the MSC and in the LPL. The strongest competitor for TES is the permanent rival from their own league, JD Gaming. Possible outsider tips for the Worlds 2020 can be found on Europe’s G2 Esports, which already have high betting odds of 9.00 @Bet365. Betting on a blatant underdog is not recommended, and Damwon Gaming is not a good alternative with its low odds of only 4.00 @Bet-at-home.

On 25.09.2020, the Playins of the Worlds 2020 will start, from 3 October the main event will start with the group phase. Will China remain the strongest region in the world, or will Europe finally overcome its nemesis?

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