LoL: RED surpasses paiN Gaming and INTZ goes from scratch

In the highlight match of the second round, RED Canids hit head-on against traditional PaiN Gaming

Back in CBLoL after almost two years in Desafiante, Titan met again brTT in a duel known as “son against father”. It was the highlight of the League of Legends round, and also the farewell of the championship this weekend. The RED, a major highlight of the championship so far, had resistance, but surpassed the current Brazilian runner-up PaiN Gaming. In other highlights, INTZ finally emerged victorious after three consecutive defeats, and Flamengo remains undefeated.

KaBuM e-Sports 0-1 LOUD

Both teams had a lot of resources to fight with, but they seemed to wait for the right moment of the game to do it. LOUD bet mainly on Orianna + Gnar, while Samira and Rell’s KaBuM bot lane was the Ninjas’ bet. LOUD came out ahead in the first half, mainly putting the opponent in check with three Dragons, staying at one of the Infernal soul. Thus, KaBuM started to position itself better and win fights even being behind in gold, courtesy of its bot lane that started and caused much damage. However, LOUD was already far ahead, and when Tay (Gnar) found Evrot (Zoe) lost in the jungle and shot him down, the resistance of the Ninjas was broken, and the L prevailed in the end.

INTZ 1-0 Rensga Esports

With two safe lanes, the game turned to the top side, and it was INTZ that dominated the region. Early revolt prioritized ambush Kiari (Gangplank), shooting Boal (Camille) in the lead. Envy and Hauz had in Ryze and Orianna, respectively, Champions that climbed. Thus, the small INTZ map advantage translated into priority of rotations and goals, things that the intrepid always dominated. Little by little, Rensga was losing map space, and without being able to fit fights in their terms, was easy prey for INTZ, which finally got its first victory.

eSports 0-1 Flemish eSports Cruise

Despite the trampling he received yesterday, the Cruzeiro entered with its head held high for a confrontation that is common in soccer. Flamengo, undefeated, seemed to do its routine work, acting in a more responsive way. Thus, the Fox had space and took the first two Dragons, but at the time of the fights they were not so well positioned, and the game remained open. Cruzeiro forced Flamengo to think better about the game and the best way to fight, but fortunately for his fans the red-black did it, and when it fit didn’t stop anymore. An improvement of Cruzeiro, but not enough to take down one of the most packed teams of CBLoL so far.

Vorax 1-0 FURIA Esports

With both teams tied and needing the result, it was important to have initiative. So, FURIA got the First Blood at 10 minutes, even losing the first Dragon. The teams seemed eager to fight, and the Panthers even started better, but Vorax’s response was relentless: ace and second Dragon on the bill. This fight fired the Vorax in the advantage. The FURIA tried not to get discouraged, but three minutes later the VRX shot down four more in the Herald, consolidating their advantage. The rest of the fights were a bloodbath, which ended at 27 minutes with 18-5 on the scoreboard.

RED Canids 1-0 paiN Gaming

The most expected confrontation of the day started well for RED Canids, which since early controlled the bot lane of paiN. The advantage, however, went to space in a sensational fight by Robo on the river. The paiN got four slaughters and several shutdowns, which raised them to the golden advantage in the game. The RED, however, still seemed a few steps away from returning to the lead, and it was Avenger (Orianna) who broke the paiN in the middle. In two fights, the Middle of the pack ended the match: ultou five in the first, and four in the second. The paiN was lost and dismantled, and the RED did not forgive.

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