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LoL Patch 14.7 Notes

In the ever-evolving realm of League of Legends, Patch 14.7 introduces a series of significant changes to the game's dynamics. Notably, this update grants a power boost to a select group of mid lane champions, including the colossal statue Galio and the luminous spellcaster Lux, enhancing their presence in the lane and potential for game impact. The balance adjustments also extend to unconventional jungle picks like the fierce Viking, Olaf, and the magic-wielding rebel, Sylas, providing players with more diverse and viable options for their jungle expeditions.

In contrast to these enhancements, the latest patch delivers a decisive change to Rell, the Iron Maiden, narrowing her role specifically to the support position. This aligns with the developers‘ intent to streamline the roles of champions, ensuring that each has a clear and defined place within the competitive landscape. With these alterations, players can expect to navigate a refreshed playing field where adaptability and strategy will be key to mastering the new League of Legends meta.

Insights into LoL Update 14.7

Enhanced Abilities for Selected Champions

Galio's Magic Surge

  • Magic abilities scale better with AP
  • Defensive power increases with ‚W‘
  • ‚E‘ gains extra base damage

This champion is tailored to benefit from longer encounters, emphasizing his strength in the mid-lane role through improved magical ratios.

Karma's Supportive Force

  • R's mantra enhances shielding of ‚E‘
  • Longer root duration for ‚W‘

These changes shift Karma's support capabilities forward, enriching her utility and presence as a reliable teammate.

Lux's Mid-lane Focus

  • Higher AP ratios for her passive and ‚Q‘

By adjusting Lux's ability power scaling, emphasis is placed on her performance in a solo lane, whilst balancing her support role.

Nasus Unleashes His Power

  • Increased base lifesteal
  • Enhanced ‚Q‘ ability damage

Nasus's buffs center around enabling a formidable late-game presence, easing the last-hitting process, and fulfilling his drain tank potential.

Olaf's Jungle Path

  • ‚Q‘ upgraded with monster-specific damage
  • Extended ‚W‘ buff duration but at a higher mana cost
  • Cast cost introduced for ‚R‘

A series of modifications are being introduced to bolster Olaf's proficiency as a jungle champion.

Smolder's Early Game Fortification

  • Fortified base armor
  • Improved ‚Q‘ critical ratio

Aiming to stabilize early game dynamics, these changes also make item choices like Navori more attractive.

Sylas's Jungle Capability

  • Adjusted ‚Q‘ damage for more effective monster clearing

Sylas receives targeted enhancements to his jungling capability, without making it his predominant role.

Power Reductions for Dominant Champions

Fiora's Reduced Base Attack

  • Decreased base attack damage

Targeting Fiora's persistently high winning rates among skilled players, her damage output sees a slight reduction.

Rek'Sai's Sustain Adjustment

  • Reduced passive healing

This tweak aims to balance Rek'sai's top-lane performance, which is currently too reliant on sustain mechanisms.

Rell's Jungle Experiment Ends

  • Jungle suitability removed
  • Lowered magic resistance

Rell's unique strength as a flexible pick in professional play is curtailed to concentrate on a singular role.

Volibear's Ultimate Cooldown

  • ‚Q‘ now scales with AD
  • Lengthier cooldown for ‚R‘

To add more counterplay to Volibear's decisive ultimate move in the jungle, its availability is now more restricted.

Tweaks to Champions





Precise adjustments to these champions are introduced to fine-tune their presence in the game and maintain competitive balance.

System-Wide Concessions

Items with Diminished Potency

  • Bloodsong
  • Imperial Mandate
  • Statikk Shiv
  • Zaz’Zak’s Realmspike

A selection of in-game items face system-wide drawbacks to rectify their influence on the greater gameplay experience.

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