LEC: G2 strong, Fnatic stumbles

The super weekend for the LEC start is played and first tendencies for the spring split are recognizable. Two teams are holding their own, no one is without a win.

With a table picture that could be very similar at the end of the season, the LEC has ended the first weekend of the Spring Split. While G2 Esports was the clear winner in every game apart from slight starting problems, Rogue stood out with great aplomb. Misfits benefit from their transfers and veteran Fnatic ends up in 4th place with the rest of the league.

Rekkles falls only once

You might get the impression that ex-Fnatic ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsson’s move to G2 has untied a huge knot. With classic picks like Sivir on Friday against the MAD Lions or his Jhin in the following games, the Swede delivered unexciting yet sometimes outstanding performances. At the end of the Super Week he only has one death to his credit. His overall statistics so far are therefore 25/1/22, so Rekkles has a KDA of 47.0.

At G2, the joy is correspondingly great. In a post-match report led by Rasmus “Caps” Winther, the players share their thoughts. Jungler Jankos loses another place in the Martin ranking.

However, the reigning champion is not alone with the good results. Rogue also managed to get the maximum yield from three games and currently shares the first place with Samurai. For the Ninjas, the games were a bit more orderly and confident. In average very short games the Ninjas managed to beat Excel and SK Gaming as well as the newly formed Fnatic.

Schalke starts well

For Schalke 04 Esports, the Miracle Run continued unabated, at least on Friday against Vitality. The Bees actually had the outcome of the match in their own hands, but let themselves be robbed of their reward by a Dragon Steal from Gilius and other small carelessness. By XL, the roles were reversed. The squires seemed to be the sure winner in the midgame, but still lost in the end.

On Sunday, the duel against Fnatic followed, who were desperate for their first success after two defeats. With fewer missteps and a clearer game plan, the team around the new Upset and Nisqy succeeded against Royal Blue. More explosive is the Misfits’ opener. With three newcomers and plenty of game spirit, the Rabbits managed to pick up two wins. Midlaner Vincent “Vetheo” Berrie in particular could hardly be brought under control. In the end, the defeat against Vitality is only one of the building blocks that led to the curious table picture.

Next weekend G2 Esports have to play against their former substitute promisq and Astralis before they face the Schalkers. Rogue gets to take on the Misfits in what could become the first duel for third place. Fnatic will have to keep looking for their own form. Their next opportunity will be against Team Vitality and MAD Lions.

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