League of Legends: Patch 11.4 weakens the Jungle position!

The jungler is currently probably the most important position in League of Legends. Games are often decided between the lanes, but that is about to change.

The latest League of Legends patch, 11.4, is scheduled to go live on February 18. Riot Games’ leading gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has already published a preview via Twitter. A total of 16 champions are to be rebalanced.

LoL 11.4: A buff-heavy patch
Striking this time is the breakdown regarding the buff-to-nerf ratio. In fact, only five champions will be buffed. But eleven are buffed.


  • Camille: The W-Cooldown is extended from 15-9 to 17-11.
  • Kai’Sa: The base damage of Kai’Sa’s Q bullets is reduced from 45-110 to 40-100. In general, the Q loses significant penetration.
  • Renekton: The crocodile will no longer be so regenerative: the healing ability of its Q will be weakened.
  • Samira: The biggest nerf of the patch. Samira can now no longer use her E to dash to allies, generally the dash speed is reduced from 2050 to 1600 units. Also, the W now only lasts 0.75 seconds, not 1 second. Furthermore, the damage the Bounty Hunter can deal with her Q and P decreases. Last but not least, her Ultimate
  • Cooldown increases from 3 to 8 seconds.
  • Skarner: The Crystal Scorpion loses base health points: from 601 to 580. It also only gains 85 points per level instead of 90.


  • Amumu: The Sad Mummy’s base E damage increases from 75-155 to 75-175.
  • Braum: R-Cooldown drops from 140-100 to 120-80 seconds.
  • Caitlyn: Both attack damage and speed increase minimally more per level up than before.
  • Fiora: The Duelist now deals a bit more damage via her passives than before.
  • Jinx: Jinx’s base health increases from 550 to 610.
  • Lee Sin: The Blind Monk’s Q cooldown is reduced from 11-7 seconds to 10-6 seconds.
  • Soraka: The increased movement speed triggered by the Q is increased again from 15-25 to 20-30%. In addition, the base healing value of SOraka’s W increases from 90-230 to 100-240.
  • Talon: The cooldown of Talon’s W is reduced at higher levels. Also, the damage increases.
  • Tryndamere: The Freljordian champion’s base attack damage increases from 69 to 72.
  • Varus: The ADC now deals more damage with his W than before.
  • Veigar: The mercurial mage also now benefits from a reduction in R cooldown. In addition, the mana cost of his Q is reduced from 40-60 to 30-60.

While Riot Games wants to get the over-dominant shooters Samira and Kai’Sa under control with the nerfs, the buff section includes Caitlyn, Jinx, Varus, Veigar and especially Lee Sin, some champions who are very popular in the community but have lost ground in terms of power level since Season 11.

In addition to the usual balance changes to the champions, Scruffy also announced a general weakening of the Jungle position. So far, it looks like the creeps of each camp will give significantly less XP starting with the release of Patch 11.4. Some will additionally get more health and give less gold on an elimination.

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