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JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap: Day 3 Highlights

In the Swiss Stage of Worlds 2023, JD Gaming and LNG Esports faced off in a BO3 series. The winner of this match would secure a spot in the next stage of Worlds, while the loser would have to play at least one more series before advancing. This was a regional final rematch, and both teams were determined to come out on top.

In this article, we will provide a recap of the JD Gaming vs LNG Esports series. We will cover each game in detail and provide quick stats for each. Fans of League of Legends will not want to miss out on this exciting match-up between two top teams. Stay tuned for our breakdown of the series.

JDG vs LNG Recap – Game 1

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: JDG – LNG
  • Time: 27:35
  • Kills: 15-7
  • Turrets: 8-3
  • Gold: 55.3k – 45.5k
  • Dragons: 1-3
  • Barons: 1-0

JD Gaming (JDG) and LNG Esports (LNG) faced off in the first BO3 of the day during the Swiss Stage of the 2023 World Championship. In Game 1, there were no early kills, but JDG had managed to pull away slightly with a 1k gold lead thanks to an early plate in the bot lane.

LNG did, however, secure the first Drake, as they built a late-game win condition. Rift Herald is where we saw our first fight, after LNG lost their leash on the buff, JDG took the chance to take it. With the Rift Herald nearly dead, LNG snuck in to secure it, but it was JDG that claimed the first blood.

The fight was a straight 4 vs 4 in the river, and while JDG came out on top in that fight, LNG won the bot lane 1 vs 1. Sadly for LNG, while they did take the Rift Herald, they failed to actually claim the buff. After all that chaos, JDG had extended their lead to 2.5k by 12 minutes, as they looked to assert control.

By 20 minutes, Baron was on the Rift, and JDG still maintained their roughly 2k gold lead. With everything still to play for, LNG crucially had secured the 3 Drakes on the board thus far. Before that, however, Drake 4 is the play that both sides are setting up for, and it was LNG looking to secure the map pressure, but JDG looked like they might have been planning to force a Baron first.

While LNG had a sneaky ward in the pit, JDG managed to secure it, and as LNG forced their way into the pit it was JDG that secured the fight win. With just one member escaping, JDG took the fourth Drake, while pushing into the LNG base. LNG was forced to defend their base, but they didn't have enough to do it. With 369 going unstoppable, JDG estimated the LNG base and secured a huge Game 1 victory.

In the end, JDG emerged victorious with a score of 15-7 in kills, 8-3 in turrets, and 55.3k gold compared to LNG's 45.5k. JDG also secured one Baron and one Drake, while LNG only managed to secure three Drakes.

JDG vs LNG Recap – Game 2

LNG managed to secure a comfortable victory against JDG in Game 2 of their Swiss Stage match. Although JDG had a strong start in Game 1, it was LNG who took the lead early on in Game 2 and never looked back.

By the 10-minute mark, LNG had secured the first Drake and remained 1k ahead of JDG without any kills on the board. However, unlike in Game 1, LNG had secured two players early on. They managed to secure the second Drake as well, but it was not the Soul Drake they were hoping for.

The first blood was secured by LNG, but they lost the Rift Herald in the process, which was not picked up by JDG. With 17 minutes on the clock, LNG had a 2.5k lead. JDG tried to make a comeback in a mid-lane fight at 19 minutes, but LNG emerged victorious with a 3-for-2 kill win. The fight also handed over the third Drake to LNG, giving them Soul Point.

As the clock struck 24 minutes, JDG was looking to force and secure the Soul Drake. However, LNG won the fight and secured the ace without losing anyone. They claimed a free Baron and pushed the lanes into the JDG base. With Baron-empowered minions charging into the base, JDG couldn't stop the rot as LNG sieged the base and secured a victory.

The final score of the game was 14-2 in favor of LNG. They also secured all 8 turrets, while JDG failed to take any. The gold difference between the two teams was 57.3k for LNG and 44.3k for JDG. LNG also secured three dragons and one Baron.

This loss puts JDG in a difficult position as they now need to win the next game to avoid being knocked out of the tournament. On the other hand, LNG needs just one more victory to secure their spot in the next stage of the tournament.

JDG vs LNG Recap – Game 3

In the deciding game of the series, JD Gaming faced off against LNG Esports. The game started slowly, with both teams playing cautiously due to the high stakes. However, LNG managed to secure two early kills with a dive on the bot lane, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Chaos erupted around the lower river, and while LNG overstepped, they managed to even out the gold for JDG with a 2-for-2 trade. At the 16-minute mark, the game was still neck-and-neck, with just 500 gold separating the two teams. However, a Rift Herald pickup by LNG helped to shift the momentum in their favor.

The first 5 vs 5 team fight occurred at the Drake, but despite their early efforts, LNG couldn't make it work for them. JDG walked away with two clean kills and a Drake, putting them in a commanding position. From then on, the game quickly became one-sided in JDG's favor.

JDG secured the Baron and prevented a sneaky Drake attempt by LNG. Although LNG managed to pick up a kill while defending their base, JDG proved to be too strong in the end and secured the win.

The final score was 14-6 in favor of JDG, with a significant lead in turrets and gold. They also secured one Baron compared to LNG's zero. With this win, JDG became the first team to qualify for the main event, while LNG will need to win another BO3 to advance.

Below are the game stats:

Teams JDG – LNG
Time 26:31
Kills 14-6
Turrets 8-2
Gold 52.5k – 44k
Dragons 2-1
Barons 1-0

The game was a thrilling conclusion to a closely contested series, with JDG ultimately emerging as the victors.

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