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How to Play the XDefiant Server Test Session

XDefiant is ramping up excitement with the announcement of a limited-time Server Test Session, stirring anticipation among gaming communities. This eagerly awaited event, a brief window where players can engage with the game before its wider release, has emerged following a period of anticipation and curiosity. Details regarding the participation process and the session's schedule have been disclosed, offering players a glimpse into the upcoming gaming experience.

Ubisoft has revealed the essential details for gamers to mark their calendars and prepare for the event. The gaming giant has laid out the specifics on how to join in the Server Test Session, ensuring that interested players are ready to dive in as soon as it kicks off. The disclosed information serves as a guide for gamers to navigate their way to being a part of this exclusive test run.

Schedule of the XDefiant Server Test

Duration: April 19 – April 21

  • Commences: April 19, at 10 a.m. PT
  • Concludes: April 21, at 10 a.m. PT

Enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the game's release have a chance to engage with XDefiant during the upcoming server trial weekend.

Participating in the XDefiant Server Testing

For PC Users

  • Launch the Ubisoft Connect application.
  • Look for the highlighted XDefiant Server Test Session promotion and click on „Preload Now.“
    • You can also find it by entering „XDefiant“ in the search bar.
  • Add the session to your games collection by selecting „Add to my games.“
  • Start the download by clicking „Preload.“
  • When the event starts, open Ubisoft Connect and press „Play.“

For PlayStation 5 Enthusiasts

  • Navigate to the PlayStation Store and look up „XDefiant – Server Test Session.“
    • Note that if you have an older test version named „XDefiant,“ the new test is a stand-alone product.
  • Proceed with downloading the testing session.
  • Once live, access the session through your console's main screen or game library.

For Xbox Series X/S Players

  • Find „XDefiant – Server Test Session“ in the Microsoft or Xbox Store via the console.
    • Remember if you have an earlier test version named „XDefiant,“ this session is distinct, with the older being the eventual complete release.
  • Download the testing session.
  • Select it from your home screen or game library to begin as soon as it's available.

Rewards for Participating in XDefiant Testing

Players participating in the XDefiant Server Test Session can look forward to earning a selection of in-game items. The rewards obtainable and their respective criteria include:

  • Participation in the testing session rewards players with an MP5 Shamrock Weapon Skin.
  • Those who join the session as a team will be awarded an M9 Ember Weapon Skin.
  • Achieving Level 18 during the test allows players to receive three Weapon XP Boosters.

These rewards not only incentivize player involvement but also contribute to the fine-tuning of the XDefiant servers ahead of the game’s full release.

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