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How to Get Dark Phoenix in Fortnite

The Dark Phoenix skin in Fortnite has caught the attention of many players, featuring the iconic Marvel character known for her immense power and striking aesthetic. As part of Fortnite's collaboration with Marvel comics, this particular skin offers fans of the series a way to embody one of its most compelling characters within the game's ever-expanding universe.

Securing this skin is a straightforward process, accessible to players through the in-game Item Shop. The addition of Dark Phoenix furthers Fortnite's tradition of integrating popular culture icons, giving players the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience with a piece of Marvel's rich storytelling heritage.

Acquiring the Dark Phoenix Skin in Fortnite

To obtain the much-coveted Dark Phoenix outfit in Fortnite, one can simply make a purchase from the game's Item Shop.

The outfit is part of the comprehensive Phoenix Force Set, available for a total of 1,800 V-Bucks. Given the bundle’s contents, the additional 300 V-Bucks—compared to the standalone outfit—offers notable value.

Included in the Phoenix Force Bundle:

  • Dark Phoenix Outfit
  • Phoenix Force Back Bling
  • Rising Phoenix Emote
  • Wrath of the Phoenix Loading Screen

First introduced in 2019, the Dark Phoenix skin has graced the Item Shop a total of 47 times, allowing players frequent opportunities to acquire this outfit.

Who is Dark Phoenix?

In the universe of Marvel superheroes, a notable character emerges with a complex duality. Initially recognized as a positive force among the X-Men as the Phoenix, her transformation into the Dark Phoenix marks a shift towards a more malevolent arc. In this altered state, she becomes a formidable antagonist, embodying a significant threat that even her former allies struggle to contain.

  • Identity: An evolved version of the Phoenix, known for her immense power
  • Antagonistic Role: Central adversary in various X-Men narratives
  • Powerful Presence: Pivots from hero to villain, challenging the X-Men's morals and strength

Her cinematic portrayal by Sophie Turner in 2019 further popularized the Dark Phoenix persona. Fans can also don her virtual guise by purchasing the skin available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

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