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How to Create Valorant Support Ticket

Valorant players may occasionally need to engage with the support team to resolve game-related issues. Riot Games has established a dedicated support structure for efficiently handling these concerns. The procedure to submit a support ticket is user-friendly and systematic, allowing for a smooth resolution process.

To initiate a request, players should:

  • Locate the Support Portal: Access the support portal through the Riot Games website.
  • Game-Specific Assistance: Search for and select the Valorant icon on the portal to find help related to the game.
  • Ticket Submission: Look for the option labeled „Submit A Ticket“ if the solution to your problem is not immediately apparent.
  • Identify the Problem Area: From the various categories available, pick one that exactly reflects the nature of the issue you're experiencing.
  • Login Required: Ensure you are logged into your Valorant account to continue with the process.
  • Detailing the Inquiry: Fill in the subject field with a concise yet informative headline for your issue and select the corresponding category that best suits your inquiry.
  • In-depth Description and Evidence: Clearly articulate the details of your predicament and provide any applicable supplemental files or screenshots.
  • Final Step: With all information inputted, submit your ticket.

This pathway is poised to offer comprehensive support to Valorant users. Should complications persist post submission of a support ticket, further assistance can be sought in the comments or through additional contact with Riot Games’ support team. The approach is designed to clarify and provide solutions for any obstacles players may encounter.

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