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How to Complete Defeat Zakhaev

In the climactic showdown of the MW3 Zombies campaign, players are tasked with a formidable challenge: to take down the menacing Orcus in a battle that will bring an end to their harrowing journey. This ultimate encounter requires strategy, skill, and a deep understanding of the combat mechanics to emerge victorious in a narrative that has captivated gamers around the world.

The pursuit to stop Zakhaev lies at the heart of the immersive zombie mode where participants must navigate a series of complex objectives to reach the final conflict. Success in this mission signals the completion of an epic tale, one that has demanded resilience and tactical acumen from those who dare to take on the dark forces that await. With careful preparation and determined effort, players can secure their place in the annals of MW3's rich gaming history.

Strategies for Overcoming Zakhaev's Henchman in MW3 Undead Mode

Tactics for Resisting Orcus

In „MW3 Zombies,“ upon reaching the encounter with Orcus, players must demonstrate skill and strategic thinking to prevail. Below are tactical recommendations to weather Orcus‘ onslaught:

  • Slam Assault: Maintain mobility to dodge the area-of-effect strikes.
  • Beam Barrage: Utilize structures for protection against this direct attack.
  • Subterranean Onslaught: Stay alert and be ready to move as Orcus attempts to emerge beneath you.
  • Aerial Projectiles: These attacks commence once Orcus‘ health falls below half. Keep moving and use covers strategically.

To effectively combat Orcus, one should employ the available cover, especially buildings which offer substantial protection. Positioning oneself within a building can provide a secure vantage point to launch attacks against the massive adversary.

Ensure the arsenal includes potent weaponry like the Wunderwaffe DG-2 or the Ray Gun, preferably enhanced via the Pack-A-Punch machine. Don't underestimate the value of perks; Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, and PHD Flopper can turn the tide of battle, as can donning a Self Revive kit and 3 Plate Vest Armor for added resilience.

As you work to activate the Neutralizer, which is indicated on the map, be prepared to face an intense skirmish against a collection of mercenaries. Clear the area around the Neutralizer to secure it for activation. Following the activation, your mission advances to the eradication of the Attack Helicopter, but Orcus will swiftly join the fray, dismissing the chopper and requiring your full attention.

Success hinges on the obliteration of Orcus. Accompanied by two non-player characters (NPCs), make the most of the opportunity to concentrate on Orcus by sharing cover, ideally within the same building. While the NPCs may not engage Orcus directly, their presence can be instrumental in managing the zombie horde, thereby minimizing distractions and enabling you to direct your focus on the primary target.

Employing these methods, one can withstand Orcus‘ varied assault patterns. Once the creature is vanquished, the narrative concludes with the final scripted in-game cinematic.

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