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Honkai Star Rail Leak Yunli Light Cone

As the highly anticipated version 2.4 of Honkai: Star Rail approaches, players are gearing up for an array of exciting new additions and challenges. Among the most talked-about features are the introductions of new characters Yunli and Jiaoqiu, each bringing unique abilities and weapons to the game. Yunli, set to debut in the first phase of the update, promises to captivate players with her five-star Light Cone, while Jiaoqiu will follow in the second phase, offering strategic advantages with his distinctive Ashen Roast effect.

In addition to these character enhancements, players can look forward to limited-time events and rewards that will be available in the new update. The upcoming version will also introduce new weapons such as Dance at Sunset, catering specifically to Yunli's combat style. With new upgrade materials like Borisin Teeth and Celestial Section, players will have the tools needed to fully optimize their characters and weapons, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Honkai: Star Rail Yunli's Light Cone

Yunli's five-star Light Cone, Dance at Sunset, falls under the Path of Destruction. This Light Cone offers a significant boost by increasing CRIT damage by 36%, making it a vital component for players looking to maximize their damage output.

To upgrade Dance at Sunset, players will need specific materials such as Borisin Teeth, Lupitoxin Sawteeth, Moon Range Fang, Dream Making Engine, Dream Collection Component, and Dream Flow Valve. These materials are critical in enhancing the Light Cone's efficiency and performance in battles.

Materials for Upgrading Dance at Sunset:

Material Quantity
Borisin Teeth TBD
Lupitoxin Sawteeth TBD
Moon Range Fang TBD
Dream Making Engine TBD
Dream Collection Component TBD
Dream Flow Valve TBD

Yunli, a DPS character in Honkai: Star Rail, emphasizes both damage and survivability. Her skill set includes abilities to restore HP and deal Physical damage to multiple targets. Additionally, she possesses three key traces that allow her to resist Crowd Control debuffs, regenerate energy, and gain an attack bonus. This makes her a formidable presence, capable of tanking enemy attacks and delivering sustained damage.

The upcoming Version 2.4 update not only introduces Yunli's Light Cone but also brings a four-star weapon named Poised to Bloom, aligned with the path of Harmony. Poised to Bloom is designed to enhance the wearer's ATK and boost all allies‘ CRIT damage by 16%. For players aiming to upgrade this new weapon, essential materials will include Celestial Section, Heavenly Melody, and Firmament Note.

Materials for Upgrading Poised to Bloom:

Material Quantity
Celestial Section TBD
Heavenly Melody TBD
Firmament Note TBD

Honkai: Star Rail continues to expand with new content, building on its foundation as a free-to-play sci-fi RPG. Leveraging a turn-based combat system, the game offers diverse experiences through its multiple planets and dungeons. First released on April 26, 2023, for PC and mobile, the game is now also accessible on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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