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All Future Valorant Patch Notes

VALORANT developers have announced that future patch notes will be released with a slight delay. This change aims to allow more time for identifying and addressing potential bugs and issues before updates go live. The new approach will commence with patch 9.00.

Players will need to adapt to these changes as they navigate the evolving game environment. By implementing these delays, the developers hope to enhance overall gameplay stability and provide a smoother experience for all.

New VALORANT Patch Delays Explained

Starting with patch 9.00, the rollout process for VALORANT updates will undergo significant changes, impacting how quickly players can access new content. Players will need to wait an additional day to access the latest patch updates and two days for new weapon skins. This adjustment includes delays for new agents, map releases, acts, rank refreshes, battle passes, and weapon skins. However, not all changes will be delayed.

Immediate updates will still occur for agent adjustments and changes to the home screen and login screen user interfaces. This shift in scheduling follows the Mystbloom wallhack incident, which surfaced about six weeks ago. During this incident, players were able to see through walls due to a bug related to a new skin line. The rushed fixes for this issue prompted the developers to reconsider their patch deployment strategy.

The decision to delay certain updates aims to ensure stability and prevent similar bugs in the future. Starting from June 25, when patch 9.00 is set to release, players will experience this new rollout schedule at the beginning of the next Episode. The new approach is designed to give developers more time to address potential issues before they become problematic for the player base.

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