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Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024

Gamers engaging with Fortnite have the chance to enhance their experience through the latest seasonal event known as the Lantern Trials. Designed to coincide with the broader Lantern Fest celebrations, participants in the Trials can look forward to acquiring a selection of free in-game items. This unique opportunity is available for a limited time, opening its virtual doors to players with the promise of new challenges that culminate in distinctive rewards.

The Fortnite Lantern Trials, an eagerly anticipated event, offers something beyond the typical gameplay—a way to obtain exclusive cosmetics without any cost. By completing a series of in-game challenges, competitors can unlock three coveted items that add flair to their Fortnite personas. With the event already underway, players are encouraged to join promptly, as the festivities will conclude on April 7th. The following article will guide players through the nuances of the Trials, providing the essential information needed to succeed and claim their prizes.

Participation Guide: Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024

To get involved in the 2024 Lantern Trials, follow these steps:

Unlocking Event-Exclusive Rewards in Fortnite

Players looking to enrich their Fortnite experience with event-exclusive cosmetics can do so by participating in the Lantern Trials. Upon registration for the event, participants are immediately rewarded with the Disco Baller Spray. For those eager to expand their collection, additional items can be earned by withstanding the game's Storm Circles:

  • Disco Baller Spray: Granted instantly when joining the Lantern Trials.
  • Moonlit Piece Wrap: Acquired after earning six badges. This is achieved after staying alive through 30 Storm Circles.
  • The Nightblade Pickaxe: Awarded upon collecting 11 badges, which translates to surviving a total of 55 Storm Circles.

Badges are distributed at the rate of one per every five Storm Circles survived. The event spans across both Battle Royale and Zero Build modes, allowing ample opportunities to rack up badges. With the event lasting four days, players have sufficient time to engage and claim these unique rewards.

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