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Fortnite Implements Ban on Players Exploiting Kinetic Blade Glitch

Fortnite players now face serious consequences for taking advantage of a rare glitch that allows them to manipulate time using the Kinetic Blade katana. After the discovery of this „game-breaking“ exploit, unsuspecting competitive players were suddenly eliminated, unable to defend themselves. On May 21, FNBRIntel, a well-known Fortnite leaker, took to Twitter to shed light on the situation.

Understanding the Kinetic Blade Exploit in Fortnite To activate the Kinetic Blade exploit, players had to execute a precise series of actions. First, they needed to position themselves openly and locate a nearby target. Then, they would disconnect their Wi-Fi, quickly approach the target, and repeatedly use the slicing feature until dealing an estimated 200 damage.

Finally, players would reconnect their Wi-Fi, triggering the exploit, which instantly teleported them back while granting them the kill, as explained by FNBRIntel.

While exploiters devoted their efforts to flawlessly executing each step, their unsuspecting victims remained completely unaware of the imminent danger. They continued playing the game normally until an abrupt, unexplained demise occurred—an unsettling experience for those affected.

The kinetic blade was introduced by Fortnite developers as a recent addition to the game during the Chapter 4 Season 2 update earlier this spring. Recognizing its potential for misuse, Epic Games took swift action to address the issue. In tournament playlists, the kinetic blade was temporarily disabled to ensure fair gameplay.

Furthermore, Epic Games responded promptly to the exploit's discovery by issuing temporary bans to players who used the glitch outside of tournament mode within 24 hours.


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