Fortnite: here are all the details of the new winter event

If you’re hungry for Fortnite-themed content, good news because a new event within Epic Games’ battle royale dubbed “Fortnite Winter Trials” has leaked. Winter Trials will allow players to earn some new customizations and, thanks to data miners like HYPEX, we have quite a bit of leaked information on when it starts, what it entails and what cosmetics or rewards players will be able to earn.

Here’s HYPEX in the video below with a look at the still inaccessible pages of Fortnite’s official winter testing site.

According to HYPEX, the Fortnite Winter Trials will allow players to log into their Epic Games account, choose a team associated with a high-profile Fortnite player, vote for a challenge, then play Fortnite and earn up to 12 badges to earn 12 winter-themed cosmetic rewards. Players will vote for one of three challenges, which include options like eliminating as many NPCs as possible, completing bounties or not being allowed to use weapons or harm other players. The cosmetics available are a fairly cute collection of winter looks, such as a snowball-themed spray or a new weapon skin.

According to Fortnite’s website, getting badges will be pretty simple. “To get the rewards you need to log into the website and collect badges by completing various tasks. Refer to the rewards section to see how many badges are needed for each reward.” Below is a list of how many badges will be awarded from each activity:

  • Log in to activate challenges (one badge)
  • Vote for challenges (one badge per challenge)
  • Click the thumbs-up sign on a team’s site (one badge per day)
  • Playing Fortnite for at least 20 minutes each day (one badge for every 20 minutes spent in a main game mode)

Fortnite is barely three years old. Despite all the transformation still going on, the Fortnite of 2017 seems light years from the global phenomenon that Epic Games’ battle royale is today. At the time, the first version of Fortnite didn’t get above 5 out of 10 stars in reviews and was clearly a troubled project that Epic Games just needed to get out after wasting too much money in development purgatory. Fortnite would either take on a new life in the hands of gamers or die of natural causes. It happens.

But just as the battle royale craze erupted in the wake of the surprise success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Epic made a historic U-turn and launched Fortnite: Battle Royale, a simple spin-off developed in three months. Over time, Fortnite’s development helped create what would become the content production standard for live games with in-game events, battle passes, and consistent season cycles. Fortnite has seen the rise of Ninja and mainstream Twitch celebrities, it has seen Epic try crazy marketing stunts like shutting down Fortnite completely for a few days just to generate hype and launch Chapter 2. Fortnite became such a money machine that Epic went so far as to abandon the iOS platform as a form of protest against “monopolistic practices,” accompanying its accusations with a parody of Apple’s 1984-inspired Macintosh commercial.

And now, in 2021, Fortnite is still on the crest of a wave, continuing to do revolutionary things, but at a more sedate pace. Fortnite is a bottomless toy box and every character, brand or movie franchise is waiting its turn to become a skin that can be purchased in the shop. Even if you’ve already played it, just distract yourself for a second and Fortnite will take on a whole new look to continue to amaze. The eSports scene is not as happy as that of casual gamers, however, reduced prize pools and distributed only in the finals are driving away the professionals who want to try a career in the competitive side and risk condemning the eSports scene to a rapid depopulation.

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