Evil Geniuses enters Valorant with a mixed team of three male and two female players

Evil Geniuses, the important esports club, has decided to bet on Valorant by signing a mixed team composed of great male and female players.

Evil Geniuses is one of the most important esports clubs on the planet that is no stranger to the great popularity that is reaching Valorant, the shooter of Riot Games that already has competitions in Spain and the rest of the planet to gradually create a great e-sports scene.

With an eye on the hopeful future of the shooter, Evil Geniuses has decided to create its own team of this e-sport, a set that is news because unlike what we usually see we are facing a mixed team consisting of three players and two high-level players in Valorant.

With this team Evil Geniuses will try to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tour with Christine “potter” Chi, Claudia “clawdia” Che, Ronan “Osias” Jeremiah Javelona, “Aleksandar” Hinojosa and Nolan “Temperature” Pepper.

In true Evil Geniuses fashion.

“When we came in we really wanted to come in our own way and not just buy a team to give five players a new home,” says one of the club’s top managers, Greg Kim. “When we heard that potter was looking for equipment at Valorant it was a natural starting point for us.”

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