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Elesky is the new signing of Vodafone Giants for its team of streamers.

Elesky, the young Asturian known for her musical skills, joins Vodafone Giants as a content creator.

Vodafone Giants, the most important esports club in Spain today, has announced a new addition for Giants Crew, its group specialized in content creators.

„I've been playing the piano and playing video games for 20 years. My profession and my hobby, my two great passions, go hand in hand, and I can't feel more fortunate to say that I can make a living from this. I would like to show people that you can take music beyond the limit it has by default, which is to be listened to and that's it. That's what I wanted to show with my music gameplays,“ explained Elesky, who wants to go a step further with his signing with Vodafone Giants.

„I want to continue to explore the boundaries of music and find a way to integrate it into the Vodafone Giants brand. I also want to learn a lot about the esports world,“ said Elesky, who still finds it „incredible that a club as influential as Vodafone Giants has taken notice of my content, which is so different from what you see.“ „It makes me very excited, I plan to give my best and take advantage of this opportunity.“

Giants Crew, Vodafone Giants‘ select group of streamers.

Elesky will join Giants Crew, a group of content creators chosen by Vodafone Giants among which we find popular people like Chuso, Th3Antonio, Manute, Zeling, LittleRagerGirl or Leviathan who joined just a week ago.

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