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Dupreeh Makes History as the First Player to Win 5 CSGO Majors

After leading his team to victory at the Paris Major 2023 in the Accor Arena, Peter „dupreeh“ Rasmussen has now achieved an impressive feat in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by winning a total of five majors throughout his career.

Before joining Team Vitality in January 2022 alongside Emil „Magisk“ Reif and Danny „zonic“ Sørensen, Dupreeh had already won four majors with Astralis. These victories came at ELEAGUE Atlanta, FACEIT London Major, IEM Katowice 2019, and StarLadder Berlin.

Dupreeh's accomplishment of winning five majors sets him apart from other players, as Valve is transitioning to Counter-Strike 2 and the BLAST Paris Major marked the end of CSGO majors.

In an interview with James Banks after the Grand Finals at the Accor Arena, Dupreeh expressed his joy, saying, „It couldn't be better. My personal goal since joining Vitality was to win another major, and I achieved that today.“

In addition to his major wins, Dupreeh has also set a remarkable record in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by qualifying for a staggering 19 majors consecutively. Winning four majors with a team is already a remarkable achievement, and now Dupreeh has raised the bar to an unprecedented count of five.

Dupreeh achieved this incredible milestone at the BLAST Paris Major, where he made significant contributions to Vitality's victory. Despite not being the team's main star, he maintained an impressive rating of 1.11 across 10 maps, according to statistics from

It's worth noting that Dupreeh is the only CS:GO player to have qualified for all 19 majors, with Team Vitality securing their spot in the Major. The closest contenders with 17 appearances, Richard „shox“ Papillon and Andreas „Xyp9x“ Hjsleth, missed out on the Rio Major.

With four major wins under his belt as part of Astralis, including three consecutive victories from 2018 to 2019, Dupreeh had previously shared the record for the most major wins with xyp9x, dev1ce, and gla1ve, all of whom had four major wins each. Now, Dupreeh stands alone at the top with his fifth major triumph.

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