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Team Secret Replaces Shopify Rebellion

In a significant update to the Elite League's team roster, Team Secret has stepped in to take the place originally held by Shopify Rebellion. The withdrawal of Shopify Rebellion, a top contender from North America, has reshaped the tournament's competitive landscape. Logistics issues prompted the team's pullout from the prestigious event, which boasts a substantial $1 million prize pool.

The Elite League, an online tournament scheduled to commence on March 31, will feature twenty-four of the globe's renowned esports teams, including Gaimin Gladiators, OG, Team Spirit, and Nigma Galaxy. The absence of Shopify Rebellion marks a notable shift in the tournament, with Team Secret seizing the opportunity to compete among the elite, despite their lineup not being publicly disclosed as of yet.

Logistics Complications Lead to Shopify Rebellion's Elite League Departure

Shopify Rebellion has pulled out from the Elite League competition. Citing a crammed tournament schedule, which includes DreamLeagues and PGL events, the team has prioritized these commitments over the Elite League. There was a notable obstacle in obtaining timely VISAs for their midlaner, Erin Jasper „Yopaj“ Ferrer, exacerbated by the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, complicating travel for non-EU residents.

Challenges Faced by Shopify Rebellion:

  • Scheduling Conflicts: A congested lineup of tournaments and qualifiers.
  • Visa Issues: Difficulty in acquiring necessary travel documents in time.
  • Geographical Disadvantages: Greater travel demands on non-European teams, like Shopify Rebellion, who cannot comfortably compete from home.
  • Player Well-Being: The threat of burnout due to continuous travel, considering the diverse home regions of their players.

The team's decision was influenced heavily by the wellbeing of their players and the operational feasibility of participating in such a demanding number of events. With players from various international backgrounds, Shopify Rebellion is faced with more travel time than their European counterparts, who have the option to participate in significant online events without leaving their home base.

The Elite League, with its online format, runs from March 31 to April 15, promising a total prize pool of $960,000, with $300,000 reserved for the champion team. The departure of Shopify Rebellion rearranges the team line-up, opening an opportunity for other teams to join the fray.

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