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PSG.LGD Quest Eliminated Early

The competition at the 1win Series Dota 2 Spring was intense as eight teams vied for a spot in the Playoffs. The group stage concluded with an unexpected twist, as the ambitious PSG Quest was unable to secure a victory, resulting in their early departure from the tournament. Teams showed varied performances, but ultimately, it was and Entity that led their respective groups with undefeated records, showcasing that consistent strategy and team cohesion are pivotal for success in the high-stakes environment of professional Dota 2.

As the dust settled on the group stage, fans and analysts alike were left mulling over the outcomes, which sent four teams packing and shaped the playoff brackets. The stalwart Team Liquid, although stumbling once, secured their advance to the playoffs, while Team Spirit overcame a shaky start to claim their place. The fierce battles of the group stage set the stage for captivating playoff matches that will determine which team can claim dominance in the Spring season.

Team Spirit's Rocky Commencement in the 1win Series

The onset of the 1win Series Dota 2 Spring competition saw a mix of lesser-known squads and heavy-hitters like Team Spirit and Team Liquid vying for supremacy. The event, which spans four days, set the stage for unforeseen outcomes, especially for the renowned Team Spirit, twice victorious at The International.

Initial Group Stage Upset:

  • Opponent: MOUZ, an emerging team with players from Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • Result: A surprising defeat for Team Spirit.
  • Match Duration: 41 minutes.
  • Final Kill Tally: MOUZ: 51 kills, Team Spirit: 13 kills.
  • Standout Player for MOUZ: Ulnit with Sven, achieving a 22/2/6 KDA.

Contributing Factors:

  • Team Spirit Roster Adjustment: Temporary replacement of pos 4 player, Mira, with the team's manager, Korb3n (not listed on Liquipedia).

Subsequent Performance:

  • Team Spirit showed resilience, bouncing back with consecutive victories.
  • In a rematch with MOUZ during the decider series, Team Spirit emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline.
  • Secured the second spot in their group, just behind Entity, who maintained an undefeated streak.

PSG Quest Disqualified from the 1win Events

Team Liquid's consistent high performance led to their anticipated advance through Group A. In contrast, PSG Quest, despite their impressive track record in the previous season, could not maintain their momentum post the departure of ATF from the squad. They encountered an unexpected defeat at the hands of L1GA Team, steered by RAMZES666 — a relatively new contender in the Eastern European circuit.

Although fans held high hopes for PSG Quest's entry into the Playoffs, primarily due to their exceptional performance in 2023, the current year's regional challenges seemed to be their stumbling block. As a result, along with the underdogs, L1GA Team, they faced elimination. In the end, joined Liquid in progressing to the subsequent phase, shaking up expectations and showcasing the dynamic nature of competitive Dota 2's landscape.

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