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Patch 7.35d Dota 2 Gameplay Changes

Dota 2's game dynamics continue to evolve with the arrival of the fresh gameplay update, Patch 7.35d. The update temporarily sidelines the anticipation for the Crownfall release, redirecting attention to the latest gameplay refinements. Among the adjustments, the character Chen receives a reduction in power, addressing player feedback on his previous dominance in gameplay.

Moreover, the update brings a change to Revenant's Brooch, an item known for its impact on match outcomes, as well as introduces a new mechanic for the Divine Rapier, allowing players to toggle its use. These alterations demonstrate the game developers‘ commitment to maintaining a balanced and engaging gaming experience.

Item Adjustments in Patch 7.35d

In the latest update for Dota 2, Patch 7.35d has introduced a variety of item modifications that significantly affect gameplay strategies. Below is a summary of the critical changes:


  • Eye of Skadi: Now offers additional health and mana, further incentivizing its pickup for tankiness and resource management.
  • Helm of the Dominator/Overlord: These items have been improved, potentially influencing the game's construct of pushing strategies.
  • Null Talisman: Gains beneficial tweaks, which could affect the early game item choices for casters and intelligence heroes.
  • Shadow Blade/Silver Edge: Duration for invisibility is increased by 3 seconds, inviting more aggressive play and gank opportunities.


  • Javelin: Encounters a reduction, impacting the item’s overall effectiveness.
  • Maelstrom/Mjollnir/Gleipnir: Experience a diminished proc chance by 5%, slightly decreasing their farming efficiency and combat potential.
  • Black King Bar: Receives alterations that could lead to rethinking its role in a match.
  • Magic Stick/Wand: The cooldown is increased by 2 seconds, necessitating more deliberate usage.
  • Manta Style: Adjustments are made that might sway players away from this choice.
  • Orchid/Bloodthorn: Suffer from lowered mana regeneration and intelligence bonuses, while increasing the mana cost for Soul Burn.
  • Parasma: Is tuned, affecting its impact within the game's interactions.
  • Revenant's Brooch: Can no longer apply critical strikes when activated, addressing balance concerns.

Unique to this patch, Divine Rapier adds a playful twist to its mechanic. It provides a consistent damage increase of 100 but removes the default 25% Spell Amplification. Instead, players now can toggle between an additional +250 damage bonus or a +25% Spell Amplification, injecting a new dynamic into late-game decision-making. This change will likely alter how core players approach securing their endgame builds.

These adjustments reflect a continuing effort to balance the game, offering fresh tactics and strategies for both casual and competitive players. With every item tweak, the landscape of Dota 2's meta shifts, creating new possibilities and challenges.

Adjustments to Heroes in Update 7.35d

In the continuing evolution of gameplay, Dota 2's Update 7.35d brings a mixed bag of enhancements and reductions in power to various heroes. Key characters observed stronger or more subdued presence.


  • BloodseekerChaos KnightNecrophosUnderlord noticeably bolstered.
  • Ancient ApparationArc WardenBeastmasterClockwerkDark WillowDisruptorDrow RangerEarth SpiritEmber SpiritShadow FiendSilencerSnapfireTemplar AssassinTinkerVoid SpiritWeaver modestly strengthened.


  • ChenDragon KnightPrimal BeastTerrorbladeTimbersaw significantly hampered.
  • Centaur WarrunnerCrystal MaidenFaceless VoidHoodwinkKunkkaLeshracLifestealerMarsMedusaMiranaNaga SirenPuckSvenTechiesTinyTroll Warlord received minor adjustments.

Specifically, Centaur Warrunner sees a reduction in Hoof Stomp damage and a decrease in the Level 10 Health Regen talent. Chen takes a hit with a reduction in both Penitence effectiveness and Divine Favor bonus armor, perhaps diminishing draft phase dominance. For the carry role, Lifestealer contends with noticeable reductions across movement speed bonus from Rage, a shorter cast range for Infest via Aghanim's Scepter, and Open Wounds cast range.

On the flip side, heroes poised for a resurgence include Necrophos, enjoying enhanced talents to aid its return to prominence. Meanwhile, Underlord's Pit of Malice sees its Aghanim's Scepter upgrade replaced by a radius increase, with movement slow effect now part of the Level 15 talent, and a buffed Atrophy Aura amplifying damage per creep defeated.

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