CSGO: MIBR loses in the playoff and says goodbye to cs_summit 7

Brazilians were defeated by Cloud9 Europeans in the tiebreaker.

The debut of the new MIBR cast, cs_summit 7 was tough for the more traditional Brazilian Counter-Strike tag. After losing twice to Heroic and falling to the playoff, Boltz and cia were eliminated on Friday afternoon (29) by Cloud9.

That Overpass is a CT map, everyone already knew. In the rare case someone doesn’t know, show this game of MIBR vs Cloud9. Starting from CT, the Brazilians were cruel with the Europeans, closing well the Bombs A and B and eliminating several opponents. The Bomb was planted twice, and burst in one of them, with another round won by Cloud9. The immense advantage of 13-2 was excellent for MIBR… But the Overpass of TR can be tough, and it was. Very. The Americans won QUATORZE rounds in sequence, and the Brazilians only managed to plant the bomb once. es3tag and ALEX, in Bomb A, were cruel with MIBR, and stood out in the incredible European turnaround in 13-16.

In Vertigo, a map with several opportunities, MIBR started with everything from TR, attacking the Bomb A ramp with efficiency and taking revenge for es3tag, who needed to ask for help for his companions. Even so, the Brazilians got an important 11-4 advantage that became vital at the turn of the map. The important thing was not to let the Europeans ever shoot up the scoreboard and the economy, always managing to break rounds at strategic moments. With the Brazilian team giving a lot of bullets – and shz and boltz highlights – MIBR took advantage of their pick and tied the series. Final in 16-12.

If MIBR opened wide advantage at the beginning of the first two maps, soon in the tiebreaker was the turn of Cloud9 to prove what came from TR in Hell. Infernating the lives of Brazilians, the Europeans attacked the Bomb B mercilessly while the MIBR gave more and more map space. With two retakes and one elimination, the three points were the only thing the BRs managed to get out of a first half that finished 12-3, and that got worse when they lost the pistol on the turn. The disadvantage was great, so the forced was present to take the C9 out of the straight, but did not last long. With two miraculous retakes, Cloud9 prevented the Brazilian reaction and won the map by 8-16.

The next championship that MIBR will compete will be the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021, which starts on February 4. And it won’t be easy: the team fell in the same group of Na’Vi (from s1mple), Team Liquid (from FalleN) and FaZe Clan (from coldzera).

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