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Apex Legends Map Rotation

Apex Legends continuously rejuvenates its gameplay experience by rotating three of its five battle royale maps each season. This dynamic approach keeps the game engaging for players, as each season brings new challenges and excitement with different maps. Respawn Entertainment, the game's developer, often removes certain maps for significant updates, ensuring players enjoy refreshed environments when these maps return.

In Season 21, the map rotation has been altered once more, featuring Broken Moon as the primary map after its substantial update. This latest Mid-Season change reflects Respawn's commitment to keeping the game fresh and interesting, providing players with updated landscapes and strategic possibilities.

Map Rotation for the Battle Royale Mode in Season 21

Included Maps in Season 21 for Apex Legends:

Broken Moon: Changes in Season 21 are significant for Broken Moon. The Promenade POI was removed, creating a noticeable shift in gameplay dynamics.

Kings Canyon: Returning after a period of absence. This map has not been in rotation for some time, making its reappearance highly anticipated.

Olympus: Initially benched at the start of the season; however, it is scheduled to be reintroduced in the mid-season update, offering fresh gameplay experiences.

World’s Edge: Continues to be a stable and popular choice, maintaining its place in the rotation with consistent player engagement.

In summary, the variety in map selection aims to keep the gameplay engaging and varied, addressing both returning favorites and newly reworked terrains.

Current Mixtape Map Rotation

Control Maps

  • Production Yard
  • Thunderdome

Team Deathmatch Locations

Detailed information on Team Deathmatch maps has not been provided.

Gun Run Arenas

Information about Gun Run maps is not specified.

Lockdown Battlefields

The rotation in Mixtape will also adapt for various special events throughout Season 21, including those for Pride Month.

Apex Season 21 Mixtape Event Maps

Here is the map schedule for the Apex Season 21 Mixtape event:

  • 6/25-7/8:
    • Control: Caustic, Labs, Thunderdome
    • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment, Zeus Station
    • TDM: Habitat, The Core, Estates
  • 7/9-7/22:
    • Control: Labs, Caustic
    • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment
    • Lockdown: The Core, Estates
    • TDM: Habitat, Phase Runner
  • 7/23-7/29:
    • Control: Labs, Caustic, Production Yard
    • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment, Zeus Station
    • Lockdown: The Core, Thunderdome, Estates
    • TDM: Removed during this period
  • 7/30-8/5:
    • Control: Labs, Caustic
    • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment
    • Lockdown: The Core, Estates
    • TDM: Habitat, Phase Runner

The map rotation will remain consistent until the next modification with the season's patch update.

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