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All Valorant Clove Abilities Explained

Valorant's roster expands with the introduction of its 25th agent, Clove, a character bringing a novel twist to the role of a controller. Distinctively Scottish, Clove is equipped with abilities that have the potential to shift the strategic landscape of the game, especially in competitive play. With a kit centered around smoking tactics, Clove is expected to offer players new ways to dominate the battlefield and manipulate vision.

As the gaming community welcomes Clove, there's growing anticipation that this agent will carve a niche in Valorant's meta. Their unique skill set not only holds the power to influence current team strategies but may also lead them to become one of the most favored picks across multiple levels of play. Dive into an exploration of Clove's skills to grasp the impact they're poised to make on Valorant matches.

Overview of Clove's Skills

Revitalizing Triumph (C)

Clove can rejuvenate their health immediately after winning a confrontation by using the Revitalizing Triumph. With this ability, they receive an extra 100 health, allowing for more aggressive play. It is a cost-effective skill, priced at 100 credits.

Energy Disintegration (Q)

With Energy Disintegration, Clove can diminish the vitality of their adversaries. When launched, it deals 90 decay damage to enemies within its radius, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. This orb is a tactical asset at 250 credits.

Strategic Obscurement (E)

Clove possesses the ability to deploy obscuring smokes, known as Strategic Obscurement. These smokes recharge in a span of 30 seconds and can be utilized twice with the second use costing 150 credits. Even after being eliminated, Clove can use their smokes to continue influencing the battlefield.

Resurgence (X)

Clove's ultimate, Resurgence, grants them the power to revive themselves post-mortem. To employ this skill, players must wait a brief duration after falling before activating the ability and seek safety upon revival. Resurgence requires seven ultimate orbs for use.

Clove is a dynamic agent who can play the controller role while pushing aggressively as an entry fragger. Their toolkit allows for altering the game flow with strategic smokes and health boosts, and their ultimate can, at critical moments, bring them back into the fight.

Watch the video „2 WORLDS // Clove Agent Trailer – VALORANT“ for more visual insights into Clove's abilities or visit the official Valorant website for additional information. Get ready to welcome Clove to the arena on March 26, 2024, marking their entry with Valorant Episode 8 Act 2.

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