Valorant patch 2.02 to fix weapon accuracy, competitive mode + bugs

Valorant releases a patch to tackle weapon race accuracy, competitive mode, and a few bugs.

Indeed, players often had to notice it and it must have been frustrating: when an enemy was running towards you while firing at your head (that’s the case to say), he managed to hit you, then kill you, despite his frantic race!

  • The inaccuracy of the rifles in race has been increased: 3,75 >>> 5,0
  • The inaccuracy of the running guns has been increased: 0,8 >>> 1,1
  • The inaccuracy of squatting rifles has been increased: 0.3 >>> 0.8

Valorant has addressed the problem in this patch 2.02 by adapting the moving accuracy of the weapons, increasing the inaccuracy of the rifles when running, walking and then crouching.

The competitive mode has also been modified to allow players to get the rank they deserve in fewer games. A ranked rank that will better illustrate talent.

In the same branch, Iron Diamond players who show themselves above expectations in a game by exploding their average performance will be more fairly rewarded. Games that will allow to move up the rankings a little faster.

Concerning Diamond Tier 3 and above, in the interest of confidence and competitive integrity, the arranged groups are now limited to 2 players. A decision to maintain the prestige that the Immortal rank represents and the rest is yet to come.

Mode updates as well as fixes to many bugs relayed by the community have been added to this patch 2.02.

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