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Rogue Prince of Persia Temple of Fire Update

Evil Empire's The Rogue Prince of Persia has marked a significant milestone in its early access phase with the release of a substantial update. This update, known as the Temple of Fire, introduces an array of new features, including a new biome, fresh weapons, and diverse enemies, thereby enhancing the overall gameplay experience for players.

This update comes on the heels of distractions caused by the early access launch of Hades 2, which had initially diverted attention from the game's development. However, the extra time allowed the developers to refine the game further. With plans for a full release in 2025, the game is expected to receive continuous support and development, offering fans more content and improvements along the way.

The Rogue Prince of Persia – Temple of Fire Patch Notes

The Temple of Fire introduces a new biome that becomes accessible after defeating the Berude boss. Players can explore this fiery new area, which features additional meta progression elements centered in the Oasis. This meta progression is the game's first and is set to be expanded further soon.

Key Additions:

  • New Traps: Within the Temple biome, players will encounter Spinning Axes, Pressure Spikes, and Arrow Booby Traps, adding challenges and requiring strategic navigation.
  • New Weapon: The Flaming Censers, large swinging fireballs, offer innovative combat mechanics and potent damage.
  • New Mobs: Players will face new enemies such as the Defensive Juggernaut, known for its massive shield, and the Aggressive Juggernaut, equipped with a sword and an even larger shield.

Gameplay Improvements:

  • The stomp mechanic has been refined, now allowing players to hit mobs while airborne, enhancing combat fluidity and adding depth to gameplay.

Bug Fixes and Optimization:

  • Numerous smaller bugs have been addressed, alongside enhancements to overall performance, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Save Issue Resolution:

  • The previous weekly update resulted in save file issues for some players. If the save file did not migrate correctly from the Steam folder, players should follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Steam\userdata\{your steam account ID}\2717880\remote.
  2. Copy the save file named ‚global‘.
  3. Go to Steam\steamapps\common\The Rogue Prince Of Persia\userdata\saves\{folder with an ID}.
  4. Paste the copied file here.
  5. Rename it to ‚global.sav‘.
  6. If issues persist, repeat these steps with the game open, then close and relaunch the game.

The update refreshes gameplay by infusing new challenges and mechanics, while also addressing critical issues to enhance the overall player experience.

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